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dB Vib Group’s History

Henri CAMPAGNA, Structural and Mechanical Engineer INSA Lyon, is the founder of the dB Vib Group. After 2 years as assistant researcher, he started his career as Manager of the Rhône Alpes branch of the company, BRUEL & KJAER. In 1976, he became Co-founder and Managing Director of the company, CAMPAGNA & VARENNE, then, in 1987, he became Director of CAMPAGNA & IND.

In 1992, he founded the first company of the dB Vib Group.

1992: Henri Campagna created HC Consulting, Design office and service in acoustics and vibrations

1998 : Creation of HC Soundproofing, acoustic treatment solution engineering

Then in the same year, HC Consulting changed its company name and became dB Vib Consulting followed by HC Insonorisation which became dB Vib Insonorisation.

2000: Creation of dB Vib Technologies

2002: Pierre Campagna, son of, ISAT (French Institute of Automotive and Transport Engineering) Engineer, specialised in Transport Mechanics, joined dBVib Group as business manager and trainer.

2005: ISO 9001 certification for dB Vib Consulting/db Vib Insonorisation/dB Vib Technologies

2007: EDF UTO Certification of Qualification  for dB Vib Consulting/dB Vib Insonorisation

Interventions in nuclear power stations according to the provisions of Technical Instruction NT 85-114, in case 1 and case 2 for the following fields:

  • Vibrations
  • Acoustic: measurements and diagnostics
  • Infrared thermal imaging: diagnostics

From 2010:

2010: – Creation of dB Vib Group holding and Pierre Campagna became sole manager of dB Vib Consulting and dB Vib Technologies

– Creation of the Air Treatment Department at dB Vib Insonorisation

– Start of the construction of a new building on the Vienne site to house the future test laboratory

2011: – Creation of the vibration and climatic test laboratory at dB Vib Consulting

– Creation of the Easy-Laser repair and calibration centre for Southern Europe

2012: – Change of company name: dB Vib Insonorisation became dB Vib Ingenierie 

– dB Vib Technologies became dB Vib Instrumentation

2013: CEFRI “E” certification for dB Vib Consulting

2014: dB Vib Consulting equipped its test laboratory with a new 60 KN shaker

2016: Pierre Campagna became Managing Director of dB Vib Ingenierie, taking over from his father.