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dB Vib Group , expert in noise , vibrations, condition-based maintenance and air treatment has been providing solutions and services for industry both in France and abroad since 1992.

Offering global solutions and innovative equipment, dB Vib has been able to put its expertise and skills at the service of its customers in order to best meet their needs while taking their constraints and challenges into account.

Our teams put their expertise at your disposal in order to find noise and vibration attenuation solutions for industry but also acoustic treatments for  installations, while also offering innovative measurement solutions in maintenance and R&D.

The Group now consists of three companies operating independently or in synergy:

  • dB Vib Consulting: Dynamic expertise
    dB Vib Consulting is an experienced design office tasked with working on reducing noise and vibrations and is also a specialist in condition-based maintenance. Expert in noise, vibrations and condition-based maintenance for over 20 years, dB Vib Consulting also carries out mechanical, climatic and acoustic testing, and has a training organisation in these areas.
  • dB Vib Ingenierie: Engineering at the service of manufacturers
    dB Vib Ingenierie conducts its engineering activities in industry and the construction sector to improve the acoustic and vibration performance of installations using the expertise and knowledge of its staff. Today, it offers turnkey solutions, studying and designing test methods destined primarily for the automotive and aeronautical sector and has extended its activity to the air treatment sector.
  • dB Vib Instrumentation: Measurement solutions
    dB Vib Instrumentation sells or hires out innovative measurement solutions for maintenance and R&D. The range of measuring equipment covers the requirements in the fields of noise, vibration and condition-based maintenance (infrared thermography, ultrasonic detection, alignment and geometric measurement lasers, balancing equipment, etc.).